The firm

Audital, thanks to the experience of its professional staff, uses flexible methods and organisation tools, when approaching its clients, so as to tailor its services to the real needs of its clients and thus guarantee maximum benefits.


Our commitment

Audital takes a pro-active role in the conduct of its relations with its clientele. In particular, as auditor, we seek to understand thoroughly the business of our clients, so that we can put ourselves in a position to suggest independent improvements to the owners and management, encouraging them towards an on-going development of their business.



The concept of an obligatory audit of the accounts was introduced by Decree Law 39/2010, which replaces the previous legal references to accounting checks and the audit of financial statements.


Our Services



Audital S.r.l. is an independent member of the network BOKS INTERNATIONAL, an international Top 25 alliance of professional business advisors that allows us to support our clients for international activities.

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