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Audital Revisione e Organizzazione S.r.l. (“Audital”) was founded in 1977 and has as its business objectives the activities of auditing and accounting re-organisations as foreseen by article 1 of Law  no. 1966 dated 23rd November 1939 and subsequently by article 6, first paragraph, letter a of Decree Law no. 88 dated 27th January 1992.

Audital is authorised to practice in the fields of legally recognised audit, in accordance with the provisions of Law number 1966 and is inscribed in the Register of Accounting Auditors at number 2495 in accordance with Decree Law no. 88 dated 27th January 1992 evidenced in Ministerial Decree dated 12th April 1995 and published in the Official Gazette no. 31 dated 21st April 1995, and in the re-organisation of accounting systems and administration control procedures.

Audital’s registered offices are located in Milan but it covers the whole of Italy. The partners, all qualified auditors, began their careers in international audit companies and have held managerial positions in primary Italian and international businesses. They respond to the market’s requirements by closely following their collaborators to guarantee effective value added, when performing audit checks. They also aim, where necessary, to introduce improvements in their clients’ accounting processes as quickly as possible so that the client gains the benefits sooner.

Audital, thanks to the experience of its professional staff, uses flexible methods and organisation tools, when approaching its clients, so as to tailor its services to the real needs of its clients and thus guarantee maximum benefits.

Professional development is followed with particular attention. Our professional staff attend periodic on-going courses to keep them up-to-date with professional developments and to support their field experience. Special attention is paid to developments in international accounting and audit standards, to ensure that our staff are familiar the latest techniques.

Why choose us

Audital distinguishes itself in the following ways:


the considerable experience of the partners, acquired in the foremost international audit and consultancy companies, both in professional roles and as direct managers


the continuous and punctual involvement of the partners in the conduct of the firm’s work


a professional approach founded upon an integrated vision of the client’s business


the application of high professional standards used in the methodologies adopted


the use of a very streamlined and flexible operating structure


with an organisation covering the whole of Italy connected to representatives abroad

Our Lecturers

    WILLIE DRAGO Lecturers

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    CATHERINE FICK Lecturers

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    LISA BAIN Lecturers

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    CARL PAXTON Lecturers

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