Perchè la revisione legale?

The concept of an obligatory audit of the accounts was introduced by Decree Law 39/2010, which replaces the previous legal references to accounting checks and the audit of financial statements. The relevant decree contains a unique text defining “legal audit”, implementing the provisions of the EU Directive 2006/46.

Beyond the cases expressly foreseen by the law, the audit of a company’s financial statements can also be performed on a voluntary basis, given that it can produce certain intrinsic benefits.

The benefits of an audit are reflected not only within the company itself but among third parties, who also have a stake in the business be they banks, suppliers or outside sub-contractors, which are illustrated as follows:

  • the increase in the credibility of the company among third parties;
  • a re-enforcement of confidence in the figures of the financial statements, where extraordinary financial operations are realised;
  • a greater trust can be placed by the shareholders, the directors, statutory audit board and management in the data displayed by the financial statements;
  • an audit certificate can be presented to key suppliers to guarantee greater trust in the substance of their customer;
  • the audit process also offers to the staff in the administration department opportunities to improve their professional capacities; and
  • the possibility of obtaining loans at preferential and/or subsidised rates.

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