Revisione legale

Audit is the principal activity of the firm and takes the following forms:

  • the audit of the statements of assets and liabilities or full year end statements or consolidated group accounts both on an obligatory or voluntary basis;
  • the audit of the infra-annual or quarterly reports drawn up for internal or external reporting requirements;
  • periodic check ups to assure the regularity of the book-keeping entries;
  • the audit and examination of complex treasury operations;
  • investigations undertaken to express an opinion on the issue price of new shares, including the valuation thereof through historic results and future prospects;
  • limited legal audits confined to parts or all of the balance sheet;
  • accounting checks and monitoring of projects financed/encourage by public funds;
  • verifications as to the conformity of procedures and/or adherence of business practices to specific rules of law and regulations or at the request of competent national authorities; and
  • assisting the Statutory Audit Board in the discharge of its legal duty to check their clients.

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