Our Commitment

Audital takes a pro-active role in the conduct of its relations with its clientele. In particular, as auditor, we seek to understand thoroughly the business of our clients, so that we can put ourselves in a position to suggest independent improvements to the owners and management, encouraging them towards an on-going development of their business.


The objectives by which Audital sets out to distinguish itself in terms of positioning and recognition are:


achieving client satisfaction by giving quality service, maintaining high professional standards and by responding both efficiently and promptly to clients’ enquires


the resolution of specific problems and implementation of procedures designed to cover the problems


the development of innovative methods designed to achieve substantial and lasting improvement in the business’s performance


the use of flexible development models, which can adapt themselves to the changes in a rapidly expanding businesses


The firm is dedicated to the activity of audit and accounting control, which it carries out in the context of maximum professional independence from its clients. The partners are involved at a personal level in the work carried on the premises of the firm’s clients; they support their staff in the phases of programming, execution and subsequent evaluation of the conclusions to the work with the client. Further quality controls and checks upon the procedures are performed during and at the end of the assignment.


Audital conducts its activity in line with the following principles of professional ethics:


independence, discretion and integrity towards its clients


respecting the current laws disciplining the audit activity and in particular those rules determining the incompatibility of an auditor


continued professional training of the staff to guarantee their quality levels


observance of the generally accepted audit standards issued both by the National Board of the Italian Accountants and those issued by the International Accounting Standard Board

Distinctive characteristics

Audital distinguishes itself in the following ways:


the considerable experience of the partners, acquired in the foremost international audit and consultancy companies, both in professional roles and as direct managers


the continuous and punctual involvement of the partners in the conduct of the firm’s work


a professional approach founded upon an integrated vision of the client’s business


the application of high professional standards used in the methodologies adopted


the use of a very streamlined and flexible operating structure


with an organisation covering the whole of Italy connected to representatives abroad

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